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Kisaka & Associates

Wisdom and Protection.

Kisaka & Associates is a duly registered firm engaged in the practice of Law. The firm’s values are aligned and inspired by the strength and beliefs based on African heritage and natural wealth. It’s identity, inspired by the elephant’s memory ability, majestic presence and value, the firm promises a long lasting impression to its esteemed clients.

The design elements highly include influences from the African heritage and culture. With natural elements like hard wood infused with glass and ever-present concrete, marble and textured surfaces, forming rich, high detailed interiors. These gave way to the colour scheme that’s people minded and earthy.


The KSK Elephant represents Wisdom, Trust & Protection.

The mark features an elephant head, emphasising on the animal's amazing ability with long term memory, and first impressions as the trunk is the most recognizable feature elephants possess.


Simplicity is about adding the meaningful.

The logotype and the brand architecture line is presented using a modern typeface to reflect the firm's path & insight towards an innovative future.