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Ian-Simeon David
Design Lead.


“I am passionate about what I do and always enjoy creating experiences that not only solve problems, but also bring joy to users. By focusing on my client’s customers – I enable my clients to focus on providing better products & services to their customers by providing design solutions that bridge the gap through.’

The story of ‘Ianiverse’ extends as far as to most of Ian’s daily life. Ian has been observing great compositions at a very young age, an aspiring architect at elementary school level – design was quite a regular subject of sight:

“I used to sit in the back of the car as a young boy, and admire shop signs, billboards and color. I collected magazines just because they were beautifully designed, the layouts & the drop caps made me understand different aspects of design as disciplinary norms, like how a serif font gives class to an entire headline. I didn’t know what design was, nor understood why I was into all of that. But it makes huge sense right now”